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Options for a Flexible Cremation Service

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When arranging the perfect afterlife services for a deceased loved one, cremation is one of the most flexible options. Here are some of the ways in which you can customize a cremation service to make it work for your family. 

Cremation Service Options

In order to perform a cremation, the family needs to arrange for the body to be sent to a funeral home to complete the process. The funeral home will take care of the cremation process and put the remains into a cremation vessel. A funeral home can also help you arrange other aspects such as a funeral service, memorial, and a cemetery spot for the cremated body. 

If the deceased person was far from home at the time of death, cremation services make it possible to take care of the body without transporting it back home. The funeral director will take care of the cremation and then ship it back to the family in their choice of cremation vessel. 

Cremation Vessels

You also have the ability to choose what type of vessel to place the ashes in. A traditional urn can be placed on your fireplace mantel as a reminder of your loved one. There are also jewelry options such as lockets and bracelets that you can place the ashes in. Some cremation vessels are designed to be eco-friendly. For instance, you could place the ashes in an urn that contains a tree seed, and then plant the urn in your backyard so that a tree can grow from the remains of the deceased. 

Final Resting Place

Cremation is also flexible because it gives you choice in where to lay the ashes. You may decide to keep them somewhere in the home or in your yard. It's also possible to get a funeral plot in the cemetery and bury the ashes like you would a regular casket. Still other families choose to scatter the remains of their loved one at sea. 

Service Options with Cremation

Once the body is cremated, you can decide what kind of cremation service you want to hold for the deceased. While you can't do an open-casket ceremony, you may still want to hold a memorial service at the funeral home. Some families choose to do an at-home service around the final resting place of the deceased, or a military or scatter-at-sea service. 

Cremation provides you with a lot of options for making a ceremony that commemorates your loved one. Speak with a cremation services provider to help you customize your afterlife services.