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Three Unique Ways To Honor Your Loved One's Memory With Ashes

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If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, you will be left with a permanent memory of that person -- in his or her ashes. Many people choose to simply keep their loved one's ashes in an urn or other attractive vessel, and display it on a mantel or shelf. Though there is nothing wrong with this display choice, if it is what you and your loved one truly desire, there are more creative ways to use the ashes to honor your loved one's memory.

Scatter a pinch of ashes at each of your travel destinations.

If you travel a lot, or if your deceased loved one was often filled with wanderlust, consider leaving behind a small pinch of the ashes at each of the places you visit. Perhaps there were places your loved one wanted to go before he or she passed. Visit those places yourself, and symbolically take your loved one there, too, by leaving some ashes.

Make sure you don't carry the entire vessel of ashes with you to your destinations -- you don't want to risk losing it or breaking it. Keep the main vessel at home, and take a small container of ashes in your suitcase.

Divide the ashes between the loved one's living descendants.

Did your loved one leave behind several children, siblings, or grandchildren? If you divide the ashes into several smaller vessels, each of these people will be able to share in the memory of the deceased. A great way to do this is to host a party, during which you celebrate your loved one's beautiful life. At the party, present each descendent with his or her own vessel of ashes. As each person accept the ashes, have them share a memory of the deceased with the group.

Wear some of the ashes in a ring or necklace.

Many people want to feel like their deceased loved one is still there with them, as they go about their days. If you have this desire, carrying a portion of the ashes in a ring or necklace, which you wear daily, is a good way to ensure you and your deceased loved one are never apart. Visit local jewelers and ask if they make pieces that hold ashes; this is becoming more common. Your funeral director may also be able to point you towards companies in your area that design such vessels.

By choosing to be cremated, your loved one left you a very special gift -- their last memories, embedded in ashes. Honor those ashes in a way that would make your loved one proud, but that will also bring you comfort and peace in this hard situation. For more information on cremation services, contact a company like Marine Park Funeral Home Inc.