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2 Unique Activities To Do At A Teenager's Funeral Service

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Planning a memorial service for a loved one can be difficult no matter how old the person was, but it can often be even harder when the loved one was a young teenager that died suddenly. If you are in the position where you must plan a memorial service for a young person like this, you may need to come up with some good ideas for the service quickly. Here are two ideas you may want to consider using at this teenager's memorial service to help everyone say goodbye to this beloved teen.

Conduct a Balloon Release

When a teenager dies unexpectedly, it can be a devastating event for the teen's family, school, and friends, and it is often harder for people to cope with a loss of a young person because it doesn't seem fair. Because of this, planning special events at the memorial service can be a good idea to help everyone cope with this loss and find some sort of closure with the situation.

One good idea to consider using is releasing balloons at the service. You could do this at a funeral home, church, graveyard, park, or school, and this would be a great way to encourage everyone present to write a short goodbye note to the teen.

To plan for this, you would need to have enough helium balloons for each person to have one, and you should give each person a small piece of paper to attach to the balloons. On this paper, they could write:

  • Goodbye to the person
  • A special memory they have
  • One thing they will miss about the person

When everyone has finished preparing their notes, you could all release the balloons at once into the air.

Make Memorial Rocks

Another good idea to use at a teen's memorial service involves making small memorial rocks. To complete this activity, you would need to provide enough rocks so that each person could have one. You would also need to have permanent markers for the guests to use.

The idea of using memorial rocks is that each person could write a short note on a rock. At the end of the service, everyone could place their rocks in a box or basket, or they could place them around the teen's casket.

Later on after the service is finished, the family could take these rocks to one of the teen's favorite places. This could be a pond, a park, a garden, or a hiking trail, and the family could place these rocks in this area.

Coming up with a unique idea to use at a teen's funeral can help people remember this person and find closure. If you would like additional tips or ideas, talk to the funeral home that is handling the memorial service for you. To learn more, contact a business like Richard H Keenan Funeral Home Inc.