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Ideas To Help Create A Meaningful Memorial Ceremony For An Avid Gardener

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If your recently deceased relative was an avid gardener throughout their lifetime, consider incorporating the following ideas to the funeral service that you are planning. Once the details are prepared, you, your family members, and your relative's friends can honor the deceased with a ceremony that is meaningful and that describes their life with precision.

Personalized Pouches Filled With Seed Packets

Cut squares from pieces of fabric. Place a seed packet in the center of each square. Consider adding packets for fruits, vegetables, or flowers that your relative typically planted. Grasp the edges of each square and secure them with pieces of ribbon. Use strips of two-sided tape to attach a photograph of your relative across one side of each pouch. Place the pouches in a basket and invite attendees of the funeral service to take one. Once the service is over, each person can plant seeds in their yard to remind them of the deceased.

A Small Tree To Hang Memories From

Purchase, a small, potted tree to display throughout the funeral service. Hang ornaments from the tree that have adhesive labels secured to them. Place a few markers or pens in a cup and set  the container next to the tree. When each guest arrives, suggest that they select an ornament from the tree and write a memory of the deceased on the adhesive label that is attached to it. Afterwards, instruct each person to hang their ornament back on the tree. Once the service is over, transport the tree to the cemetery where your loved one will be laid to rest.

Set the tree next to your relative's cemetery plot and enjoy looking at it whenever you visit the cemetery. 

A Slideshow That Exhibits Your Relative's Gardening Skills

Have slides made out of photographs of your relative's garden or of your relative planting new items on their property. Display the slides on one of the walls inside of the funeral home before or during the funeral service. Describe each picture to guests at the funeral service as it is shown. You and the guests will appreciate seeing pictures of the deceased during some of the happiest moments of their life. You may also feel better after sharing visual memories with people who also cared for your loved one. 

The ceremony will be special and tailored towards your relative if you utilize any of the ideas that are listed above. For more ideas or information, consider contacting a funeral home like Foran Funeral Home.