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3 Ways To Honor Passed Loved Ones On A Camping Trip

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After a loved one has passed, a camping trip is a great time to get out of the everyday reality of the situation and mourn your loss during a relaxing vacation. If your loved one liked to camp, then the trip is a great way to honor their life. Along with going camping, there are three specific ways to honor your loved one through the camping experience. Browse through these ideas and chooses that ones that can fit best to your camping needs.

Scattering Tubes

When the remains of your loved one are cremated, you can choose to separate the ashes into small keepsakes known as scattering tubes. These thin tubes are ideal for traveling while camping. As you visit different trails or parts of a campground, you can scatter ashes. For example, when reaching the top of a cliff, you can scatter some ashes near the edge. If your loved one has a favorite pond or lake, the ashes can be scattered into the water. If the campground is private, then you can seek permission from the owners to bury or scatter some of the ashes in a special location. If the campground is located in a national forest or park, then you may need a permit to spread the ashes. Check the park for more information. You can also contact a cremation service for more information on scattering tubes.

Memorial Plaques

Carving a tree in honor of your loved one seems like a natural way to have them be a part of nature forever. Completing a task like this can actually be harmful to the tree and cause it to die in the long run. Instead of carving or disturbing nature in any way, you can honor a loved one by having a memorial plaque made in their honor. A plaque can be attached to large rock or boulder so you have somewhere to visit each time you go camping. These plaques can be a simple name memorial to your loved one like "In Honor of Steve Smith." It can also include additional details or a memorable quote that you love. Just like scattering ashes, the plaques may need a special permit if they are displayed in national forests. For private property areas, you need to contact the property owner for permission to display the plaque.

Memorial Fires

As the sun sets for the night, you can look back on the life of your loved with a memorial fire dedicated to them. When family or friends come with you camping, the fire is a great time to share stories and memories together. The fire can be made more special with color changing crystals that are placed in the flames. These crystals use various safe chemicals and elements that react to the fire to produce a variety of colorful designs. By choosing a favorite color of your loved one, you can have a special fire that creates lasting memories.

As you're planning the camping trip, it's a good idea to set up these memorial ideas ahead of time. You can contact cremation services for ordering special things like scattering tubes or memorial plaques.