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Creative Ideas To Liven Up A Funeral Visitation With Memories Of Your Life

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There is no way to really get around the fact that a funeral is going to be a tear-filled event. Even the visitation, no matter how low-key or laid back, will be a grievous occasion that can be upsetting. In the process of planning your funeral when you make arrangements with the funeral home, you will be given the opportunity to plan your visitation down to the music played and the words spoken. However, there are things you can do to inject a bit of your own personality into the visitation service. Here are a few creative ideas to liven up your funeral visitation with memories of your life.

Arrange for memory balloons to be created at the visitation.

Memory balloons are a common staple at basic memorial services. The balloons are filled with helium and attached to a long string with a simple clothespin or clip attached at the bottom of the string. The balloons are left to drift around the room at the service and friends and family members can bring along their personal photographic memories to attach and share with the rest of the guests. Once the visitation is over, the photographs are collected and passed on to your next of kin.

Set up a table and a memory jar.

Give guests at your funeral visitation something to do that will make the occasion a bit more memory filled with a memory jar. Arrange for a small table to be set up at the funeral home along with a jar with a photo of you. People can jot down their special memories of you on a piece of paper and drop it in the jar and then the memories can be shared aloud by passing the jar around the room at the service. Additionally, this makes a nice memorial item to send home with your closest relative when the service is over.

Ask about setting up a screen for a photo reel at the visitation.

A simple screen or even a white sheet can be used along with a simple projector that connects to a smart phone to play a photo reel during the visitation. This is a unique way to share memories of your life at the event with everyone who attends. You can take the time to choose photos yourself and save them on a micro SD card that is held at the funeral home along with your instructions.