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Three Questions To Consider When You're Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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Going through the process of pre-planning your funeral allows you to ensure that your wishes are respected after your passing and that your surviving family members aren't financially burdened by your death. Whether you choose to go through this process largely on your own or you'd rather be surrounded by some close family members, visiting a funeral home and discussing the options that suit you can put your mind and the minds of your family members at ease. While there are a number of areas to discuss, asking yourself these three questions and coming up with answers allows you to pre-plan the funeral that suits you.

What Type Of Service Do I Want?

One of the earliest questions to consider relates to whether you want a traditional funeral service, a memorial service several months after your death or even something private for just family. Getting a feel for the answer opens the door to considering other areas that are integral to the pre-planning process. For example, if you want a traditional service, you can determine the type of casket you want, which people will serve as pallbearers for your funeral procession and even the outfit in which your body will be displayed. If you wish to have a memorial service, you can talk about the venue and format.

Do I Want To Be Buried Or Cremated?

The decision to have your body buried or cremated is one of the biggest questions you face when pre-planning your funeral. If you opt for the former, you'll have to think about a burial plot in a desired cemetery. If you choose the latter, you can talk about whether you want your family to keep your ashes in an urn or scatter them in a place that holds special meaning for you. The financial side of this decision is also worth discussing; cremation is a cost-effective alternative to a burial.

Do I Want To Plan Every Small Detail?

Although the pre-planning process is ideal if you want to ensure that your funeral service specifically meets your approval, some people aren't interested in going over every small detail, such as paying for flowers, arranging an officiant or providing photos to use in a memorial display. If you wish for your surviving family members to handle some of these responsibilities, make your wishes clear to the funeral home representative and the family members in question. Funeral home staff members, such as those at Healey Funeral Home, are also able to handle a variety of duties -- you can pay for the peace of mind of knowing that the minor details with which you don't want to concern yourself will be addressed tastefully.