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Modern Mausoleums

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Building a mausoleum as opposed to a family plot, is a luxurious and special way to celebrate your family's love for eternity. Mausoleums are sleeker and more modern these days, but come from a long tradition of honoring important families.

Ancient Mausoleums

Mausoleum's have been around since the Ancient World. The word mausoleum comes from the ruler Mausolus, who is buried in Turkey in what is considered to be the first ever mausoleum. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, is only a shadow of it's former glory, but was one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.The Pyramids at Giza in Egypt are also considered mausoleums. And don't forget the magnificent Taj Mahal in India.

While ancient mausoleums are frequently associated with splendor, royalty and opulence, modern day mausoleums are smaller and more intimate but just as beautiful and dignified. Modern mausoleums often reference Greek and Roman architecture. While these types of architectural designs are traditional and classic, there is room for creative designs that reflect your family's history and culture.

Modern Day Mausoleums

Mausoleums are allowed in cemeteries and on private property. Many include a chapel where family members can pray, reflect, or mourn in private. Some mausoleums incorporate shrubbery, landscaping, and gardens. Mausoleums can be open air or enclosed. Enclosed mausoleums usually resemble a small house or church. Open air mausoleums can appear as a wall, gazebo, or less often as a piece of art or sculpture. You could embellish a modern mausoleum by using items purchased from a memorial display company, like Hartman W A Memorials LLC.

What Constitutes A Mausoleum?

There are many different ways that a mausoleum or crypt can be structured. The burial chamber can be located under the structure or above ground. The occupants of the mausoleum can be interred as a burial, sealed in sarcophagi above ground, or interred as cremated ashes. Sometimes, there is a combination of all of these choices.

What are the Benefits Of Building a Mausoleum For My Family?

A mausoleum is a beautiful tribute to your family. Once the monument is built, family members that have passed will be able to rest in peace together. Living family members will have a central location to visit deceased loved ones in a memorial that is sheltered from the weather and vandalism. A mausoleum can provide both safety and privacy for visiting with the dearly departed.

There is no higher way to honor and cherish yourself and your loved ones than by building a resting place that exudes beauty, love, and permanence. Mausoleums take up less space overall than ground burial for the interment of several family members. Cemeteries experience are becoming overcrowded. Building a mausoleum guarantee's your loved ones a spot next to the rest of the family for all eternity.