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Funeral Etiquette 101 | 5 Things You Should Never Bring To A Funeral

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No matter who you are, you can pretty much guarantee that at some point you will be visiting a funeral home after a loved one passes away. If you have never been to a funeral, you should know that this is typically a formal occasion and there are just some things that would not be considered appropriate. There are five basic things that should never be brought to a funeral for the respect of the mourners and the deceased.

1. Your Cell Phone - Even though you may feel the need to stay connected, it is considered polite if you leave your cell phone in your car or your pocket out of sight. If you absolutely must have your phone with you, keep the ringer turned off and avoid the urge to pull it out and check your social networking sites amongst a crowd full of mourners.

2. That Hot New Outfit - A funeral is not the time to try and show off your smashing sense of style. You should wear something that is considered modest and will not be the center of attention because it is cut a little high on the bottom or a little too low on top. Keep in mind the likely mood of the event when you are getting dressed, and make sure your outfit will fit in to the occasion.

3. Your Latest Love Interest - You may have a new boyfriend/girlfriend that you are excited to introduce to the family and all of the family friends, but a funeral is not the time when this should happen. This time is less about new beginnings and more about respecting the life that has been. If you need someone for moral support, consider bringing a close friend who is already familiar with the people in your family.

4. Sarcasm - The sarcastic sense of humor you have that is a big hit at every other family get-together will likely not be appreciated at a funeral home. Keep your sharp-witted tongue under check when you greet the mourning immediate family members, and make sure you check your sarcasm at the door.

5. Your Shades - You may think that it will be cool if you just wear your sunglasses at the funeral to cover your emotions, but this is not something that others will appreciate. If you are seriously concerned about being too misty eyed at the service, it is much better to just step away when you feel overwhelmed. This is acceptable whether the funeral is held in a church or in a funeral home, such as Inglesby Funeral Home, inc.

Funerals can be uncomfortable and unlike any other family gathering. Make sure you learn a bit about etiquette before you have to go to these unfortunate events to ensure you never look like an insensitive attendant.