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3 Surprising Ways You Can Save At Least $400 On Your Funeral

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Taking on another bill you really do not want is not a pleasant thing, but planning and paying for your own funeral in advance is really smart. The key to making sure you do not bust your funeral budget is to find every way that you can save. Most people look at the average funeral as one giant service with one big bill. However, what you are paying for is actually a rather large bundle of different services -- some that may even be able to be completely removed from the equation. Here are a few surprising ways you may be able to save quite a bit on your funeral bill.

1. Bring Your Own Music - When you are in the middle of making your funeral arrangements, you may be offered musical services. This could be a pianist, live instruments, or just someone behind the scenes switching songs to be played on an intercom. These services are not free of charge and no one knows your own musical tastes like you do. Grab a blank CD or two and create your own funeral playlist or talk to a musically inclined person you know who may be willing to play live music for free.

2. Skip the Flowers - You will get the chance to choose a floral arrangement to adorn the top of your casket. However, these flowers come with a price tag that can range anywhere between $100 and $600. Keep in mind that you will likely receive flower donations from friends and family members at the event. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to pay for flowers for yourself. If a floral drape is something you really want, consider checking on prices from local florists before you opt for one provided by the funeral home and you may be able to save.

3. Choose Your Own Wardrobe - During the planning stages of your funeral, it is highly likely you will be given a booklet of attire that you can choose for your final send off. Some of those outfits may be quite flattering, but chances are you can find something just as suitable in your own closet for free.

With the cost of the average funeral coming in around $7,000, this can create a pretty hefty payment when you are trying to pay in advance. Make sure you pick apart all of the details of planning a funeral so you can find ways to save. For more information, speak with a company such as Elmwood Meunier Funeral Home.